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 Here is a list of the main national and international judo organizations.

US Judo Federation

The USJF is our national organization. The national site includes information about the USJF, a yudanshakai listing, referee news, events, and other information.

US Judo Inc.

The USJI is the "umbrella" organization for judo in the United States, responsible for the development of Olympic athletes, coaches, and officials. This site contains information on the USJI, certification programs, refereeing, kata, player rosters, and other information.

US Judo Association

The USJA site provides information about the USJA, events, news and other information.

International Judo Federation

The IJF is the governing body for judo competition worldwide. Their site contains international tournament results, complete rules and updates, and other information.

Pan American Judo Union

The Pan-American Judo Union is an association of the national judo organizations in North and South America. The site includes information on international competition, rules and other international news.

Kodokan Judo Institute

The Kodokan Judo Institute site includes information about visiting and training at the Kodokan, history, and some Kodokan merchandise.

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